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Best IP to get?

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Best IP to get? | 26 September, 2006

We have a MY12 (MYDATA) and wanting to get an IP to place all the big parts i.e BGA, QFP etc..etc.. I have used the Universal GSM1 and like those anything else out there worthy?


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Best IP to get? | 27 September, 2006

IP? With a MY machine what is it you are tring to solve with an IP. If you are looking for a speed improvement and corresponding throughput the cost of running and maintaining an IP is not going to balance out. However putting a real chipshooter in front of your MY machine would give you those gains and there are chipshooters which do not require the maintenance and attention of the FUJI. Just my opinion.

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Best IP to get? | 28 September, 2006


In light of the reply from an obviously confused Darren, an IP would be a fine "line balancer" in conjunction with your MY-12. Your choice of either an IP-1, IP-2 or IP-3 should be based on the type of components you want to run. You mentioned BGA's and because of that, you pretty much have to go with the IP-3 because of better cameras and mechanical improvements specifically designed for BGA placements.

There's always plenty of them around used and parts are plentiful as well.

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Best IP to get? | 28 September, 2006

If you are looking for an IP (defined as IC placer), and you liked the GSM1 with the worlds most hidious software, then look at the newer Universal Platforms - very good machines & they've sorted the software.

Fuji Chipshooters & Maintenance? the IP isn't a chipshooter, and besides a Fuji Chipshooter would murder any machine side by side over a 10-20 year life.

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Best IP to get? | 28 September, 2006

Stick with what you already know. A GSM1 with a 4 spindle head is the way to go. Its excellent for balancing a line becuase you can place anything with it. Or if you need to dispence glue or odd form parts you can add another head later.

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Best IP to get? | 28 September, 2006

Apart from recommending a placement machine since I don�t know you product, part mix or tact time; I would just like to point out a few other things to consider when choosing a different placement machine. Feeders are a big thing. Mydatas are good at running strips of SMT components with little or no leader tape. A larger machine may require a long leader before the strip of parts. So if your stockroom only issues 22 parts for a 20 board run (1 part per board), you�ll have to change your MRP system on how you issues and retrieve parts from stock. Changing from strips to full reels can be a challenge. Floor space is another issue. An IP is rather a long machine. There are other Fuji models and name brands that can place larger components just as well and take up less floor space. You may want to consider your part count and recalculate how many feeder slots you really need and decide from there. Consider future growth as well. Spare parts is another issue to consider. Perhaps standardizing on Mydatas will keep your spare parts inventory / costs down for machine and feeders.

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Best IP to get? | 28 September, 2006


I'm a big Fuji fan myself but a lot of that is because I have used them for many years. Changing to a different platform can be a challenge.

IMHO, if the Mydata platform works for you (low volume, high mix) you may want to get another Mydata. You say you have experience with GSM1's so if the Mydata doesn't work for you stick with something you know.

Bringing in a used machine without in house expertise can cause great problems.


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