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SAC copper level control

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SAC copper level control | 27 September, 2006

Hi all

All you wave soldering people, have you had any trouble in keeping the copper level of your SAC solder pots under control? How do you combat the gradual rise of copper contents owing to dissolution from through-hole component leads etc.?

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SAC copper level control | 27 September, 2006


We are using SACX and have not noticed any rise in copper.

I do know that there are Solder Bars available without the Copper to try and bring the level under control.


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SAC copper level control | 5 October, 2006

Good afternoon!

Typically, we normally recommend testing the pot, and adding either Sn/Ag or just Sn to keep it at bay. One nice thing about the solubility of Cu in Sn based alloys is that it should reach a theoretical upper limit of about 0.1%. I have created a spreadsheet that easily calculates the amount of "filler" bar to add. just email offline and I'd be glad to share it.

You can easily keep an eye on the Cu content of your wave by starting with weekly testing of the pot, then once you've achieved a comfort level switching to once a month. We offer a testing service, and it is free of charge for our customers. More information can be found at

Should you have any further question, please don't hesitate to ask. My contact information is below.


Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE Technical Support Engineer - Southwest Region 315-853-4900

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