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PCB Assy Cleaning

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PCB Assy Cleaning | 2 October, 2006

We have a customer enquiry that requires PCB assemblies to be cleaned to J-STD-001 / -004 class 3. We use both water based and no clean process chemistries. No clean flux residues are not permitted and would therefore have to be cleaned. My question is would our spray in air in line water wash or immertion aqueous wash be capable of cleaning to the required level or should we consider investing in a solvent based system.

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PCB Assy Cleaning | 2 October, 2006

Assuming: * Customer board has been designed to provide for cleaning under components. * Cleaning equipment is capable.

In meeting J-STD-001, your current cleaning equipment should be able to clean: * Water washable fluxes. * Low residue fluxes, provided the flux is cleanable and you follow the flux manufacturer recommendations.

Solvent systems often are used for cleaning rosin-based fluxes in hi-rel, military applications.

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PCB Assy Cleaning | 5 October, 2006

Good afternoon!

We have had great luck with semi-aqueous cleaners from Kyzen and Zestron, and normally recommend both of them. They both have great labs and would gladly offer their input on he cleaning of the flux residue. We make sure that these companies have regular samples of our products to ensure that they can get it to class 3 requirements, no problem. More information can be found at

At the last Technical Presentation, I was amazed at the clean-ability of their products and how low the ppm of residue was left per their testing in ACI's (Philadelphia) IC test equipment. BTW, it was our latest NC Pb-Free material.

Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My contact information is below.


Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE Technical Support Engineer - Southwest Region 315-853-4900

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