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PBGA open connection

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PBGA open connection | 3 October, 2006

We are encountering BGA solder open connection. At Functional Test, the board failed. Debug guy diagnosed this BGA open connection (2 locations), by using multimeter. Under 5DX inspection, there is connection. Take the board for localised reflow at SRT machine, it still failed functional test and 2 locations still measured open. Lastly, replaced the BGA, and it PASS! The strange thing is it happens to 10 boards with the same 2 locations measured as open connection, and after replaced then only it Pass Functional test.

Does anyone here has any idea what is happening to the BGA or the reflow profile problem. Any advise is welcomed. thanks Kenscj

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PBGA open connection | 3 October, 2006

Using a meter to check a BGA connection to the board, there will be other parts of the circuit involved. Sounds like a bad batch of parts.

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PBGA open connection | 5 October, 2006

What is the surface finish of the PCB? What type of BGA? What type of solder / flux are you using?

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