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Advice on used pick and place machine

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Advice on used pick and place machine | 9 October, 2006

We currently run two Quad IVC's (we are very pleased with them) and two Versatronics for simple small volume batch work. We now need an additional machine capable of placing components at least three times as quickly as a IVC. We don't do anything very exotic here but need to be able to place 0402, 0603, SOT23 and some SOIC's accurately with little or no rework. We are considering a Quad QSA30 as we would like to keep the feeders interchangable. However, we want to get the best machine we can with a max. budget of $40k including at least 40 off 8mm feeders. Please note we would not pay this for a QSA30 more like $25k. If there is a better machine for us to choose what would it be? We would want to be able to program and run the machine by teaching ourselves from manuals and possibly help from this forum so it has to be easy to use.

What machine would people recommend for us? Does the QSA30 need upward vision for 0402's? We don't use it on the IVC's and they run very well. How easy is the QSA30 to program and run compared to the IVC's

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Advice on used pick and place machine | 9 October, 2006


The QSA-30 was built by Sam Sung, Sold by Quad. Single Head 2 Nozzles around 11K CPH Quad does not support the machine but I believe you can get parts direct from Sam Sung. I am not sure if they have a registration fee. The QSA used Quad made Quad Aligns scanner. They will handle 0402's. Most QSA did not have upward camera. It was a good machine but parts & service are and will become more of a problem. Software was not soo good. If you can live with the parts & service availability, It is a good buy for what the machine can do you.

You may want to look at a Quad QSP-2. 14K CPH 0402 -15 mil fine pitch. Supported by Tyco & us, PPM. Dual Gantry, 2 heads, 4 nozzles. You feeders will fit.

Or a QSV-1, 7K CPH, Single Gantry, dual nozzle, Single head 0402 - 12 mil Fine pitch. Again your feeders will fit.

You can find info on Tyco website:

Or on our website

I know these machines very well and would be glad to answer questions. Tom 603 895-5115

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Advice on used pick and place machine | 9 October, 2006

Seeing you are already using Quad; I'd look at a Samsung CP-45V. I believe your feeders will be compatible but please cheeck to make sure! These are a six head, on the fly machine that will do just about anything you want apart from gripper applications.. List price of these in 2000 when they first came out was US$113,000 so you should be able to get something close to your budget in good condition. Offline and machine software is basically identical and very easy to use. I get no benefit etc.

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Advice on used pick and place machine | 10 October, 2006

Hi Phil,

Most parts are still available for the Quad/Samsung QSA-30, through Dynatech (in North America). It is actually a single gantry, 3 spindle machine with rated speed of 14,000 cph. As with any used machine, it could be a great deal or a not-so-great deal, depending on condition. 0402's do not require upward vision, and programming is very easy (but not the same as the IVc). Feel free to contact Dynatech if we can help at 215 675-3566.


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