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Reflow oven temperature

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Reflow oven temperature | 11 October, 2006

Guys, Any of you tried running different setting on the top & bottom side temperature on the reflow oven. I'm trying to address uBGA coplanarity issue using this method. Assume board are flat. Any inputs?

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Reflow oven temperature | 12 October, 2006

I have, but not for what you are trying. Different ovens and styles react differently when you try this, so you have to experiment to see how far you can go. Why do you think different temps top and bottom will solve the coplanairty issue? Is this uBGA on the bottom side for 2nd reflow?

If you do have coplanarity issues during the first reflow, you may want to look else where. Verify your pads are flat. Check your uBGA for equal ball height. Revisit your stencil thickness. Verify your profile is correct in the oven.... the list can go on.

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