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MC33982PNAR2 (aka PC33982BPNAR2) PQFN

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MC33982PNAR2 (aka PC33982BPNAR2) PQFN | 20 October, 2006

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

I am seeking the assistance/guidance of anyone who has had practical experience with placing, soldering, and rework of this particular component. One of our customers is looking to use this component on quite a few upcoming designs and I am trying to gather information from a contract manufacturer�s perspective on what issues and/or concerns there have been when using this lead-less style component.

A few questions initially are:

1.) Recommended stencil thickness for this component. (What has worked the best in practical application) 2.) Placement concerns or suggestions. (In addition to the multiple I/O pins there is a center ground and VPWR pad to consider) 3.) Inspection guidelines (x-ray) 4.) Rework guidelines (tools and equipment that has worked best)

If there is anyone who is familiar with this particular component and would be willing to share there experience with me I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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