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Camera Smokin'

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Camera Smokin' | 24 October, 2006


I've had some trouble with one of my GSM cameras. Its a 1 mil camera (in circular housing). Some components have fallen down the gap between the glass cover and the LED array closest to the rails. One of the resistors (closest to the left) has blown. We have replaced this but it still doesn't work. On power up of the machine, the LEDs in that array light up and the others don't, and there are sounds like something else is burning. We don't have equipment to calibrate the camera again so aren't keen to take too much apart without knowing what is wrong. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions of what to do next would be appreciated.


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Camera Smokin' | 27 October, 2006

Hi, This a common problem with the GSM P2P cameras, once in a while chip gets between the "protecting?" glass and the led-cards surronding it. It has happen to us several times (we have 2.6 & 4 mil/pixel cameras ring lighting, but it is the same lighting). Most of the time we had to replace this little rounded card. There should be a mpn printed on the card so you know what to order. We always keep a couple in spare. In Your case it sounds a little bit strange with this crazy sound. Are You sure that it wasn't another chip or something that still was inside and as a consequence of some vibration, this caused yet another failure? This wasn't to much help for You, but maybe You could do something like this: Unplug all the led-cards and hopefully the strange sounds will stop. If so, try to find out wich card has gone bad. Please don't hesitate to come back with more questions if I have been unclear or if I can be a little bit more helpful. /Sincerly Ps. There might be that we have an electrical drawing in detail of the whole camera unit. Don't ask me where we got it from. I will check it out on monday/tuesday 30/31 and if so, I will notify You. Ds.

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Camera Smokin' | 30 October, 2006

Hi Mika,

Thanks for your reply. We've managed to narrow down the fault to the control board (long rectangle one in front of the camera). It turned out to be a logic IC that had blown MM74HCT244N (U17 I think).

A circuit diagram would be useful because I'm sure its bound to happen again!

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Camera Smokin' | 3 November, 2006

Hi Mika, Have you been able to find the circuit diagram? Could you post a link to it or email me, please.

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Camera Smokin' | 3 November, 2006

Hi, It is good news to "hear" that You found the problem. This control board has also broken for us once but we had a broken camera unit from where we took this board as a replacement. Unfortunately I was not able to find the circuit diagram (among a lot of missing things). It should be somewhere, but last winter we had a major re-organization at our PCBA production area because our "suits" decided that it would be much better with this new solution. They totally misunderstand the "Lean Production concept". Haha yet another failure when they make fast decision and actions accordingly, without thinking and really don't understand how the production works... Slowly we are getting there to have the "Lean production" to work. I will give "the circuit diagram search" another try when I got the time. I will notify You if I am successful.

BTW. we also tried to put some very thin and narrow transparent sticky tape around the edge of the protecting glass and the Led:s to prevent chip components to fall between. Important thing of this is: It must not block any of the light from the LED:s. /Sincerly Ps. I am sorry for my poor english & grammar. Ds.

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