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Which AOI to buy?

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Which AOI to buy? | 3 November, 2006


I work for a mid range SMT CM and we are looking to buy some AOI equip. Is 60-100k a doable range for something that is useful? And if that range is ok, what vendor should I go with?


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Which AOI to buy? | 4 November, 2006

Hello bpeach,

I recently purchased AOI system for our company. We are a low to mid range manufacturer as well. I looked at several different vendors around the price range that you are looking at incuding; Mirtech, Viscom, N-Spec, Omron, VI Tech, Orbotech, Yestech and Testronics. I narowed the field down to Mirtec and Yestech.

As a mid range manufacturer, one of my main concerns was quick and easy programming. I found that the programming was very similar between the two machines. Personally I thought that the Mirtec software was more comprehensive. But the main reason why I selected Mirtec was the fact that the machine provided better defect coverage than the Yestech system, especially with regard to solder inspection...there was no comparison. I also ran a very simple Gage R&R test on the two systems to test repeatability. The Mirtec machine won easily.

On a side note, the Mirtec machine was about two and a half times faster with about 20% less false calls as well. This should help with your ROI, but as I mentioned before, defect coverage was my real hot button.

Good luck...


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Which AOI to buy? | 7 November, 2006

Hello bpeach,

We purchased a Mirtec for our first AOI machine after a side by side comparison of three different manufacturers. The Mirtec proved to be far superior to the others that we had looked at. Initially, the intention of the AOI was to provide first article inspection for new setups before running. We found that the speed of the Mirtec proved not to be a bottleneck in our process. We since have adopted a procedure to inspect the first article (Pre-Reflow) and 100% post reflow. We now have 5 Mirtecs (3 in SMT, 1 in RoHS and 1 in the through hole auto insertion department. I do not have experience with the Yestech machines. All I can say is that we have had incredibly good luck with the Mirtecs. SMT is no longer on the radar screen for defects (a position that I am very happy with) If the need arises, we will purchase another Mirtec.

Good Luck


P.S. I also regard Mirtec's service as being top notch.

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Which AOI to buy? | 16 November, 2006

I have worked with both Mirtec and Yestech and you really can't go wrong with either, they both have a good support group if you need it.

by my take on the 2 is that yestech is a little less comprehensive inspection wise and a little slower than Mirtec. The yestech machines are easier to setup and less time consuming from my experience but the Mirtec for the extra time can give some better tests.

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Which AOI to buy? | 23 November, 2006

The Mirtec I have seen are mainly bench type aoi applications - if you want a good in line solution I heard that Agilent have SJ50 series 2's around the top end of your budget - this is because they just introduced the Series 3 which is faster , better camara etc.. - but the SII would do a good job for you. It's fast and easy to use and can change between pre/post reflow very easily

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