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Hybrid Profile

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Hybrid Profile | 12 November, 2006

Can someone help me to advise the best profile for a board with the combination of both Lead Free and Non-Leaded part?If possible,pls advise the best preheat and reflow time and temprature.

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Hybrid Profile | 13 November, 2006

It depends on your paste. Use the highest temps your existing paste can go too.

Henkle Loctite makes a solder paste just for this application called MP218. There probably are others but they are available.

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Hybrid Profile | 14 November, 2006


What is the non-leaded part ? the only real obstacle I have found is when using a Leadfree BGA with PB Paste.

We have had to do this in the past - the hybrid profile I used was pretty much the same as normal apart from increasing the peak temp to 225-230 between 30-40secs.

We sent one of these boards out for analysis and microsection and there were no issues found.

I remember a thread about this a while back, you should search the archives.


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