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MSD Packaging Standard

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MSD Packaging Standard | 17 November, 2006

Morning all. I was wondering if there is a packaging standard (other than 033B) that we can put on our POs to vendors. We are seeing a lot of MSD components come in packaged incorrectly and do not have the man power to bake everything before it goes into our dry storage. Has anyone had issues with this?


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MSD Packaging Standard | 18 November, 2006

What is missing from 033B?

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MSD Packaging Standard | 18 November, 2006

Nothing is missing I suppose. I was looking to see if there was another standard more appropriate to add to our POs. Something like, "all incoming material must be packaged according to J-Std-033B under penalty of death...or returned material."

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MSD Packaging Standard | 18 November, 2006

Our PO require conformance to current version of 033, but don't have quite the onerous penalty you propose.

So, you reject the mispackaged part at incoming, MRB decides on a corrective action, and supplier get dinged. If the supplier responds and does good, they keep supplying. If the suppier doesn't respond and does bad, they go away.

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MSD Packaging Standard | 18 November, 2006

Yea that sounds about right. Thanks a lot for the help. Take care

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Amol Kane


MSD Packaging Standard | 20 November, 2006

you can reference JESD97 for labeling LF components, also. i have sent a similar letter to our suppliers and am fielding questions ranging from, what is a MBB to why such strict packaging requirements.

i was surprised to know that the requirements that the standards called out for (and to which the suppliers should have been adhering to, to begin with) are "very strict"

BTW we have ben receiving components from reputed suppliers packaged incorrectly and withour relevant info on the label (info like MSL, peak temp and time, # of relow passes etc.,)

this is a serious problem,


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MSD Packaging Standard | 20 November, 2006

Yes, we are in the same boat. We get stuff unsealed, not labeled correctly, wrong packaging or all of the above. Im going to sit down with the purchaser here this week and get this figured out. Being packaged correctly still doesnt mean the parts arnt overexposed when they come in but I will feel a little better about life...

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MSD Packaging Standard | 20 November, 2006

We try and do it all (Vac pack, dessicant, indicator card, MSL level, PBT, end termination material etc.) however it throws a spanner in the works if you pull a manufacturer's sealed pack from stock and the vacuum has gone where an edge of a tray has pierced the bag, then you have to bake & hold up shipping.

Also it can be a right nightmare getting accurate PBTs & end termination material from manufacturers, and even then most customers seem to ignore it.

We had one last Friday who was melting a switch by going 15 degrees and 10 seconds over the PBT.

Sorry, rant over.

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