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PCA shipping requirements

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PCA shipping requirements | 27 November, 2006

As an OEM, I would like to refer to a shipping standard for completly assembled and tested PCA. These are going to be shipped to me from Mexico and I want to assure they are packed and protected properly. Is there a standard that I can refer to?

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PCA shipping requirements | 28 November, 2006

Choices are: * IPC-RB-276 [superseded by IPC-6011/6012], Section 5 discusses some basic shipping and packaging requirements. Also, it references ASTM D-3951 and MIL-P-116. * Universal Instruments has done a nice job putting together a packaging specification. It outlines the requirements for prepairing, packaging and transproting production parts from, within and to their facilities.$FILE/43233602.doc

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