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Gold fingers damage when plugged into connectors

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Gold fingers damage when plugged into connectors | 8 December, 2006

We currently are building a pcb that has gold fingers, about 36 in a concave V overall shape from .275 on the outside edge fingers tapering down to .197 in the middle of the 2 inch span that plugs into a shelf connector. These fingers are on both sides of the pcb and tend to get damaged. Our current solution is hand filing about a 45 degree chamfer on each side of the fingers. Since we build thousands of these, I was wondering if someone would know of a place that could design a fixture that would allow consitancy and speed. The pcb is 8" by 3.5".. Any help would be greatly appreciated. In case you're wondering we need the absorbtion that's why we do it in house.

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Gold fingers damage when plugged into connectors | 9 December, 2006

Thoughts are: * Most board fabs have routers that can do this work. Can yours rework these boards? * Scrap the boards and start anew. Someone made a mistake. Cut your losses. * As a wild and crazy guy alternative, buy a router with a 45* bit from Sears [or someplace like that], rig a fixture, set-up venting and filtration, provide personnel protection, and go for it.

As a general comment, we hope that you're providing your troops with adequate personnel protection while they're filing these boards. Fiberglass can punch holes in their lungs after it's been enhaled. Ask anyone at your neighborhood body shop.

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