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New to ROHS

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New to ROHS | 15 December, 2006

Hello I am a circuit board designer and just wanted to ask if anyone is seeing the need to alter footprints for ROHS assembly. I also wanted to make sure that I have this particular issue correct. If your BGA is lead free then used solder paste with lead could lead to voids. I know there is some issue with BGA's and was just hoping to get some clarification. Thanks in advance for any response


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New to ROHS | 15 December, 2006

So far after a year, NO. No need to alter footprints.

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New to ROHS | 15 December, 2006


Search the archives for lead free BGA and you should find plenty of info.

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New to ROHS | 15 December, 2006

we have has to alter some footprints to facilitate component rework/removal.

We have some assemlies that have 2 oz and heavier copper, these boards require a lrger tip to melt solder so we have had to extend pads to allow the larger tips to touch pad being worked on.

Voids happen in all lead bgas as well, the issue is the non homogenous solder joint when thew alloys are mixed.

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New to ROHS | 18 December, 2006

Thank you for the respones.

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