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Tooling and Stencil Design

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Tooling and Stencil Design | 16 December, 2006

Hi all, Having been designing (3d modelling and programming) stencils and tooling (solderwave carriers,print support etc) for several years I am now investigating whether it would be possible to do this from home. I live in the UK and am therefore able to work when perhaps you guys are sleeping at night or any other time for that matter. Is this feesable? Any thoughts and contacts would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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Tooling and Stencil Design | 16 December, 2006

Why not? If You think it has a bussiness case so go for it. We are currently using a firm that has 24h delivery time if neccesary (we need to order before 9'clock in the morning)and we once in a while use this for some prototypes. Their regular shipment time is 72h. They are doing an exccelent jobs with extremly high quality and we recive a measurement paper with each and every stencil they make. But this firm is located in the same country as ours - Sweden. Whether or not you can do this from home is actually up to you, that i can not give you an asnwer on. I would suggest that you get in contact with your customers and investigate if this service could be of interest and if they are willing to pay the extra costs. If you don't have any cutomers to contact, well I guess it doesn't matter much... Good luck.

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