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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 24 December, 2006

hello Everybody

I would like to ask you for advise. I'm fighting with correct placing one of capacitors in TNT-A package at CP-6 machine. Size of this component is: L=3,4 mm W=1,7 H=1,7 Its Tantalium with J-lead. I use for this component vision type 11. The point is when this component is packaged in emboss at sometimes may lie at flank side vision system interpreted is a correct and placed this component at flank side. This component has the same size in Width and Height and for BackLight is the same when it is taken in normal position or in flank. What vision settings do you reccomend guys to avoid such situtation? regards Peter

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 26 December, 2006

Silly question but you do have this flagged as a polarity part correct?

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 27 December, 2006

Vision Type 12 may work also. You may want to try vision type 20 with backlight calling out the leads. Or you could use a black nozzle and try VT:180.

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 27 December, 2006

ok I will check out all your advise. thanks alot

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 30 December, 2006

This type of component packages works best with vision type: 254 - irregular. Measure the total package length including the leads. Also set the body dimension x-y tolerances to at least 0.35mm and the the pick up x-y tolerences to 0.5mm in the part data (assembly shape). Make sure that the pcb-thickness is correct. Also go for the minimum comp. thicknes; in your case: 1.6mm Board support are/is crucial. You should also as a starting point; reduce the turrent speed to let say 60%. Increase this number afterwords you find out that the placement is ok. Make sure that the nozzle size fits the body, you should be ok with 1.8mm nozzle but it will also work with 1.3mm nozzle.

Silly comment: The nozzles of yours; make sure that they Not have any potrusion at their tips, if so, (and that you must look under a scope to find out) - replace them and recalibrate! Feeder maintenance & calibration is Ok?

We have the very same package types and no problem at full speed with CP6-4 and no rejects! Please let us know your progress. /Sincerly Ps. Sorry for my poor english and grammar. Ds

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 31 December, 2006

Thanks Mika. I will have opportunity to check it out in New Year, because now we dont have production. So far we have beeen using vision type 11 and to be honest this type of defect, that placement of TNTA at flank side, happend very seldom. Usually it happens at the end of reel, and probably this component lie flank in reel. But I would like to know why such situation can't be detected by vision system and even if its lie incorrect in reel it should be rejected by vision system. Now I know that with that settings: Vision Type:11 Length=3,4; Width 1=,8 Length tol:=0,5 Width tol=0,5 Height=1,7; Nozzle =1,3 and with turrent speed 60% and table speed Low with clean nozzle and good feeder we cant protect our product from such situtation and sometimes Cp-6 can put component at flank side. I was trying with Front Light but for this component with bright body and silver J legs vision system cant find diffrent between body and leads. Has anybody try Lead Brightness option? Maybe this is a solution. To define in pixels when the leads starts and use some vision type proper for J-lead component with FL.

All the best in 2007 Peter

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TNT-A capacitors placement problem at CP-6 | 2 January, 2007

Ahh yes, 254. Don't give up on the other vision types. 254 can give you skewing as well. Your width and height are awfull close. Even with the 0.5 tolerance it is using the tolerance and saying that it is OKAY. Maybe what you measure is 1.8mm for with. but the vision system says 1.7?. Black nozzle when using frontlight with VT:180. Good luck.

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