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reflow oven problem

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reflow oven problem | 6 January, 2007

i have 1 customer using our reflow oven, he is facing the problem that after taking the boards from reflow oven ICs & some resistors felt down.they are using our glue dispenser also, the glue is not fixed with the component.

wht will be the solution?

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reflow oven problem | 6 January, 2007


How one Can suggest you unless your Involment in your Process? Check Following Points and also Is Reflow Temp - Profile is as Per Glue Mfg. Requirment Are Glue Dot in Sysmetricl Position? Is glue sufficient , below IC to hold ?

please visit this link Regads Shrikant Borkar

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reflow oven problem | 6 January, 2007

There may be a coating on the components that fell-off that prevents the glue from bonding well to those components.

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reflow oven problem | 7 January, 2007

I had the same problem. However, now that I switched to crazy glue the parts stay on the board.

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reflow oven problem | 8 January, 2007

Some IC's have their body away from the board. Is the glue making sufficient contact with the IC's bodies?

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reflow oven problem | 18 January, 2007

With us, it was the component coating! try other make or vendor to see

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Richard-magictek Tech


reflow oven problem | 19 January, 2007

kindly send me your reflow profile ---and also the PCB lay out i shall able to determine your process flow on speed....and glue application i can be reach at this email- my web site is ; we are furance maker which build oven for PCBA /waffer industries + customise heating chamber

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reflow oven problem | 7 February, 2007

I have seen this before. Check:

--Vibration of belt --Interference (part getting "brushed off" while reflowing bottom-side components --Some glues' cross-linking mechanism is impaired by the flux during migration in reflow, redering the glue useless, or allowing a flux layer to migrate between your part and the glue dot that is supposed to contact it. I won't mention the product that failed me, but I will tell you switching to Loctite completely fixed the problem. --Reflow profile --Glue dot spec/size


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