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Stencil cleaner

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Stephen- SMT engineer trainee


Stencil cleaner | 23 January, 2007

Which stencil cleaners are RoHS compliant and cost effective? (We are currently using IPA for stencil cleaning, but there are some problems.So, we suggest to use VIGON SC 200?Is it good for stencil cleaning? Or any other suggestions?)

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Stencil cleaner | 23 January, 2007

If you are looking for an effective cleaning performance with long bath life and environmental friendly nature, then definitely VIGON SC200 is a very good choice...You would not regret it...If you want to try out, perhaps you can ask them for VIGON SC200 samples...This chemistry would definitely work for your application.

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Stencil cleaner | 24 January, 2007

Oh my gwad. Anyone that buys a Smart Sonic system is in for a world of hurt.

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