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Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations.

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Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations. | 30 January, 2007

We are seeing unusual soldered joints when soldering to components with Pt/Ag metallised terminations. At the margin between the bottom of the component termination and the PCB surface there are a number of blowholes in the bulk solder. There also appears to be poor wetting to the end of the termination itself. We do not see this condition on any other component finishes on the same assembly.

The solder paste is SAC305 and the PCB finish is ENIG. Reflow is carried out in a vapour phase process with a maximum assembly temperature of 235 deg. C. Time above liquidus (217 Deg C.) is around 50 seconds.

I have requested feedback from the component manufacturer but it's like pulling teeth so in the meantime I an seeking your considered opinions.

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Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations. | 30 January, 2007

We are seeing problems with platinum over silver plated part also. Our main problem is solder splatter under these devices, and voiding at the terminations on parts off the reels.I am curious if you have removed any of these parts and noticed any splatter (solder balls) under them? We are running a leaded process with a water soluble flux convection reflow . We have adjusted profiles and have not eliminated the problem. We have sent parts to the manufacture, but they will not be able to evaluate till 2nd week Feb. We are TRYING to get help from our solder manufacture, but sofar the support sucks. When we get somewhere with our problem, I will post it, maybe it will help yours. good luck.

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Soldering to Platinum/Silver terminations. | 31 January, 2007


We do not see much in the way of solder splatter or solder balling.

We have removed some parts but in the process of doing so we remove any useful evidence really. Quite a lot of the solderable portion of the part is on the underside.

Like you, if I find any useful information on this I will post here.

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