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Lead Free Reflow

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Lead Free Reflow | 12 February, 2007

Do I need a 10-12 zone oven for processing Lead free or could I use a oven such as Heller 1700W

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Lead Free Reflow | 13 February, 2007

Smaller Ovens reduce your ability to create extended soak times. Extended Soak Time requirements are determined by your thermal variant across the product.

A 5 zone oven could work if your boards are not extremely complex but you are the only person that will actually know for sure. Just remember, the smaller the oven the more complicated the profile will be.

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Lead Free Reflow | 13 February, 2007

I agree with JAX. We run four Omniflow 7 ovens for leaded and lead free products. The process window is tighter with these than that of a 10 zone oven. It takes a little more time and work to get the profile dialed in with less zones.

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Lead Free Reflow | 13 February, 2007

Kevin, I'm using a 1700W with no problems so far. I have recently completed trials on nine different paste brands on a 1500 as well. Remember the tunnel length is no different between a 1500 and a 1700.... Let me know what paste you are using and I may be able to give you a starting point re settings.

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greg york


Lead Free Reflow | 14 February, 2007

We have profiled hundreds of ovens here and it really is dependent on work going through, I walked in on one trial and was faced with an oven that was literally two foot long and told the guy it would not be suited only to profile and run lead free to see remarkably good results. So best to test before assuming the worst. Obviously very much work dependent. Cheers Greg

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