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ESD QUESTION | 14 February, 2007

We are a pcb manufacturing facility and we have a question. We wash our boards in a metal wire rack that has latex � inch tubing connected to it so the pcbs do not move from water or air flow. It acts as a buffer between the wire cage and the pcb. Can the latex tubing be an esd issue? We think that since it is in contact with the metal wire rack then it should be ok because any charge will be dissipated into the metal. thanks... Bill Yates

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ESD QUESTION | 14 February, 2007


Likely the latex isn't conductive, so charges will not be dissipated to the metal rack.

Whether that constitutes an ESD risk or not will depend on the generative properties of the latex. I've never tested units inside my wash, so I can't speak to it...but, I'd guess that a company that specializes in ESD (such as Desco) could test the condition for you...

cheers ..rob

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ESD QUESTION | 14 February, 2007

Latex is not a conductor. It's an insulator. So, it will not conduct a charge to the metal wire rack. You can test this hypothesis by charging a latex tube in the shop and measuring its conductivity to ground.

We believe that you should not have an ESD issue, because the humidity of your washing chamber is very high. You should confirm this hypothesis through testing with a field meter.

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ESD QUESTION | 21 February, 2007

i tooks some ESD classes from when we had a guy in here to audit us. I suggest wearing a smock to get rid of your ESD.

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ESD QUESTION | 22 February, 2007

Maybe the wash system mfg has some data on this...

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ESD QUESTION | 7 March, 2007

Have you considered replacing the insulative latex with disipative rubber matting?

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