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DVi Cables

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DVi Cables | 14 March, 2007

Hey all,

I have heard about using a DVI cable for my flat screen display, can anyone tell me about using this cable and if it is worth getting one?

Many thanks

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DVi Cables | 14 March, 2007

Wow, weird forum to post a question about home electronics, but sure...I'll answer it!

Yes, it is worth it. With DVI, you are going digital-to-digital, so your computer is outputting digital signals to a digital display. Digital always beats analog in terms of picture or sound quality.

see link:

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Tom B


DVi Cables | 14 March, 2007

If its a home system and you have a HDMI go with that, thats the clearest digital interface for High Definition.

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DVi Cables | 4 April, 2007

Sorry I thought this was a forum for electronics I will give it go then thanks :-)

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