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parameter triggers & Industry Standard on Calibration Intervals

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parameter triggers & Industry Standard on Calibration Intervals | 26 March, 2007

Hi all,

First off, its great to be back on SMTnet after a long absence; wishing everyone the best in the year 2007 ahead.

Question: Is there some sort of industry Standard (Mil?, ANSI?, ISO?) on the Calibration Intervals for mechanical based measurement equipment, tools, and gauges?

We have a customer who mentioned (a few years?) back when he was in the automobile industry, he came across a Standard that depicted plotted charts of calibration intervals against known variable parameters such as 1) frequency of usage, 2) environment of use (dust, contamination), 3) rate of wear, etc....

Right now we sort of base the calibration interval on the supplier's recommended rate of calibration; irregardless of how often or how harsh is the equipment used?

We also perform GR&R on e.g. micrometers, or vernier calipers (which in turn are used to measure settings on other equipment and parts on the production Line/Inwards QC, etc).

If this customer is right, and this Standard does exist, it would make some interesting bedtime reading and possible support for more financially sound judgement calls on calibration intervals (especially if the measurement device very infrequently used).

Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions/input.


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parameter triggers & Industry Standard on Calibration Intervals | 26 March, 2007

Welcome back

Comments are: * There's a lot of bla bla bla about using statistical measures to determine calibration intervals. It's all over the web. * MIL-STD-45662A Calibration Systems Requirements - WITHDRAWN [Notice 2, Dated: 27 February 1995] - Replaced by ISO 10012-1 [ISO 10012:2003, Measurement management systems - Requirements for measurement processes and measuring equipment] and NCSL Z540-1 [ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994, Calibration Laboratories and Measuring and Test Equipment�General Requirements]

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parameter triggers & Industry Standard on Calibration Intervals | 27 March, 2007

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your input; what I understood the gentleman was describing was a ISO/MIL/ANSI standard that actually plots out a chart (e.g. timeline/frequency of use versus environmental variable parameter, where the variable may be dust, oil, etc)??

Most of the industry standards reviewed so far are mainly deriving the frequency of calibration interval based on plotted historical trends (e.g. GR&R data analysis)from past readings. What I was trying to determine is whether there is such a Standard that was described to us?

Any advice on this query is appreciated. Cheers!

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