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SMT Cleaning

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SMT Cleaning | 23 April, 2007

Good afternoon everyone,

We have a customer that wants to specify "cleaning processes" on a board that typically has a "no clean process". Normally, I would not care, but I have one component on this board for which I question the cleaning process.

There is a leadless surface mount package (attenuator). This package has a center pad, and several leadless pins around the outside of the component. This also sits flush to the board. Our concern is cleaning the area between the pins and the center pad.

Is there a specification or can someone point me in the direction of a minimum clearance for a water wash without the use of a saponifier?

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SMT Cleaning | 23 April, 2007

"If you wanna get a "warm n fuzzy" that your cleaner is capable of doing the job. One thing you can do is what I was taught when selecting a cleaner to buy, is get yourself some glass plates (heat resistant tempered glass to be sure!) and make yourself up some glass slugs, or chips if you will, that are the same size as the largest BGA you think you'll do. Glue them to the glass plate at different stand-off heights and squirt some colored flux beneath the slugs. Send it through a reflow oven to bake it some, and then it's bathtime! Then just take a gander at what the plate looks like after it comes out of your cleaner. That'll show you without a doubt, what your cleaner is capable of." [S Gregory]

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