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Component Search | 24 April, 2007


I have a Universal GSM1 flex head. When it scans a resistor over the fixed camera, it shows a red box around the component and highlights the inside green if it recognises it. Around this is a larger blue box which I assume is its search area. Is there a way to increase the size of the search area for each component or all components collectively?

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Component Search | 25 April, 2007

the search area will be set by the feeder you use, you can create a new feeder and increase the search area. If you increase the search are of a 44mm feeder, it will stick for all the parts that use that feeder name.

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Component Search | 25 April, 2007

Ok thanks Diesel, I will give it a try. I'm off work until the end of next week so will let you know how it goes then.

Thanks Grant

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Component Search | 14 May, 2007

Thanks for your help.

It has worked!

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