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Philips Orion 2 Error Message

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Philips Orion 2 Error Message | 2 May, 2007


We have a very annoying problem with a Philips Orion 2 SMT machine. It displays the error message "Second Limit Over" a few times per shift and it's impossible to make the machine work again unless it is turned off from the mains. It stops in the middle of the production and we lose a lot of time to search which parts are mounted and which aren't. We tried to change the joystick with another machine but it didn't solve the problem. Today it broke its head assembly limiter. Is anybody familiar with this kind of problem? What could be the cause? Thanks in advance for suggestions

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Philips Orion 2 Error Message | 2 May, 2007

The Philips Orion (Yamaha YV100) Head I/O Board is usually at fault as this tends to suffer trackwork problems with age due to the constant flexing of the board stressing the connectors on the board, thus breaking tracks within layers. You should note the condition of the flashing LED on the board both when the machine is happy and also when it is unhappy. There is code listed for the flashing of this LED. If you need to purchase a Head I/O Board, just let me know.

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