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Could use some help

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Could use some help | 18 May, 2007

Hi smtnetters,

I�m looking for reference material preferably graph�s displaying the viscosity and surface tension vs. temperature for standard Sn63 Pb37 alloy.

Plenty of reference material is available on pure metals but can�t find anything on the 63/37 alloy.

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Could use some help | 21 May, 2007

Pat: Very descriptive SUBJECT choice.

Surface tension: * Soldering and Surface Tension; Champion, JA; Physics Education, V 16, No 2, 1981, pp 98-100(3) Institute of Physics [We have not looked at this, so we cannot comment, but it seems like an appropriate title for what you're looking to understand.] * We know that it says 'lead-free' and that you're looking for leaded, but try - DATA BASE OF Pb - FREE SOLDERING MATERIALS, SURFACE TENSION AND ...

Viscosity: Soldering in Electronics; RJ Klein Wassink; Electrochemical Publications 1989 [090115024X]; Table 4.8, p164

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Could use some help | 21 May, 2007


Thanks a lot; you truly are a living database. I will need new spectacles missed the eutectic alloy in table 4.8 of the Klein Wassink book.

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