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HELLER 1800W ELEMENTS | 30 May, 2007

Hello all, I have some issues arising with having to change some bottom heater elements and blowers. Can someone tell me how diffucult it will be to accomplish this with no trianing back ground on this. I have opened the books and made sense of most of it. I am just wondering how long this will be down while I change out a couple bottom elements and blowers. This oven looks like it hasn't had a good run through in many years. I am just wondering if I should schedule them to come out and do a run through or not. Unless, someone out there is in the Milwaukee area and would like to help me out. Drop me an email if so and thanks again everyone.

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HELLER 1800W ELEMENTS | 30 May, 2007

I have replaced few of those, on 1500, 1700, and 1809EXL. It should not take you more than couple of hours. Only problem I do see you running into is maybe rusted/welded screws for the elements from heat.

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HELLER 1800W ELEMENTS | 30 May, 2007

I replaced an upper element in an 1800W. Took about 4 hours total. That included arguing with the rusted in screws, messing around with warped shields, and a call to Heller Tech Support to go over how to do it. In the end, it wasn't nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be.

I haven't done blowers, but they don't look all that complicated, either.

The manual was pretty clear on how to get the heating element out...step by step, not a lot of confusion. I've always found their tech support to be very helpful, too...from troubleshooting tips, to diagnosing my problems. On site guys cost something like $800 minimum...and one of their guys lives like 20 miles from here.

cheers ..rob

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HELLER 1800W ELEMENTS | 30 May, 2007

Mark, You should find that the blower motors and heaters will be replaced free of charge by Heller. I have four Heller ovens and have found that to be the case. I am the original purchaser however and it may be different if you have purchased the machine second hand. I have just had a look in one of the manuals and the first page is the warranty

:to the original purchaser

"All heaters and blowers operating up to 350C Maximum have a lifetime guarantee from the date of shipment"

Give it a try and contact Heller or the local rep. For the blower motors your local electrical motor shop can usually repair them at a fraction of the cost. Mine have been from $95 to $300 depending on level of breakdown. When replacing the bottom blowers you can often get away with accessing them by adjusting the idler arms on the belt mesh conveyor to their maximum amount of give. Put a cloth over the edge of the beltmesh to avoid damage to your arms! I'm not saying it's easy but neither is removing and especially replacing a beltmesh conveyor

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HELLER 1800W ELEMENTS | 1 June, 2007

Thanks all for the input... got elements and blowers changed out and didnt seem to bad.

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