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Siemens D series machines

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Siemens D series machines | 22 June, 2007


I am buying new SMT machines and preferably Siemens D2 & D1 type. Before final purchase I need your help to suggest me for any type of limitation in the machine.

Your comment/feedback will be highly helpful for us as this will be our Ist manufacturing activity.

Thanks & Regards Amit

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Siemens D series machines | 3 July, 2007

Amit, You are asking about limitations, but how did you narrow your equipment selection down to the D1 or D2 in the first place? These machines have many limitations versus other solutions.

What are your main concerns for instance? Component range? Flexibility? Number of feeder inputs? Maintainability/Cost of Ownership? Commonality with existing gear? Changeover time? etc...

If you can answer these points, and we may be able to supply some interesting feedback..

regards, VickT

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