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Fuji Part Library Question

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Fuji Part Library Question | 28 June, 2007

Hello all, I have a question in regards to part tolerance on parts. I called Fuji (not doubting them at all here just looking for more insight here) and asked them what the usual % tolerance on parts is. They came back with 30% of a part and the tolereance check area (tolerance for nozzle issues) set to 2.00 default. I just was curious what everyone uses as this or you all use your own?

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Fuji Part Library Question | 28 June, 2007

Hi, Are we talking about the pick-up tolerance so for any chip component set it to 0.5mm. It will save a lot of trouble right there.

As for body tolerence if it is a zero then it will automatically use a standard value, based on the size of the body. This is shown in the programmers manual. But, we always set the body tolerance for chips to 0.35mm regardless the size of the component. This will very much decrease the number of rejects in the visionsystem. If You have problems, don't hesitate, otherwise don't change a winning team...

And No, we dont have any problem whatsoever with misplacements...

Ahh, I forgot to mention that we use the CP4... I can't tell how the settings should be for bigger parts, since we use UIC-GSM:s for that. /

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