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PANASERT MviiF Nozzles Breaking Frequently

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PANASERT MviiF Nozzles Breaking Frequently | 18 July, 2007

Hi, I'm running 5 SMT lines with the below config for each line. DEK --> PANASERT MViiF --> PANASERT MSF --> BTU Reflow

Currently we're facing massive problems with MViiF(chip shooter) nozzles being damaged and broken. Anyone around who is facing the similar problems? We're looking into the feeders (worn out base/problematic retainers/etc) Any other thing that can contribute towards this?

Thank you.

Regards, Vijay Anandh Vela CAD/SMT/EQUIPMENT Engineer SMART Modular Technology

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PANASERT MviiF Nozzles Breaking Frequently | 18 July, 2007

You're on the right track. 99% of the time, it is caused by a feeder not seating correctly. Check and ensure that all your tape covers are down and LOCKED (very important). Which type of feeders are you using Q or K?

One thing I have found with K feeders is sometimes the hold down clamps fall out of adjustment. They don't quite hold down the feeder that well. What happens, is when the machine goes down to cycle the feeder, it actually pushes up slightly on the feeder causing it to collide with the nozzle. When you clamp down a K style feeder, if should start to snug up before the full clamp is made. If it goes down really easily, you're clamp is out of adjustment.

If is indeed a feeder, you need to check for feeder seating sensor that goes across the top of your feeders. It should check for this.

That other 1% sometimes gets you. Is it happening to one particular head or is it random. A thing to check is to ensure that you�re shutter isn�t loose. Make sure that you're scrap bin is in all the way. Also, near the NS section, ensure that you don't have any screws that weren't installed right away. Use your rotary well and slowly cycle the all the stations with all the heads, watching closely if anything is getting too close to the nozzle.

Any recent repairs or parts replacement conducted on the machine?

Hope that steers you in the right direction. Post or email me directly if you still need assistance. I've been working with MVIIF since they first came to the United States back in the late 90's.

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