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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error

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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error | 27 July, 2007

I have Mpm ap25hie, s/w ver 7.1a The problem I have is that the machine works fine until I teach or use the pre board stop function. As soon as I use this the machine will not load the pcb to the centre of the work nest. I can manually change boardstop settings and load to the centre to teach fids, but the camera then reverts back to the pre stop position, I then have to move the camera such a distance to the board that the screen graphic does not show some of the fids and they are totally misplaced due to the camera movement previously made. Ive changed pc, step and motion cards and calibrated all axis, but no change.

Any help much appreciated,


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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error | 30 July, 2007

Sounds like your board stop sensor is not working properly so it's not seeing the y-stop/board edge when the board enters the center or the machine. You could try taking the camera cube cover off, jog the camera over a board then move the board back and forth to see it the sensor sees anything (red light/green light). Your machine might have a variable sensitivity sensor that you can adjust until it works properly. Too tight of rail settings or rails out of parallel can give you problems like this as well.

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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error | 30 July, 2007

When you teach the "teach boardstop Y" make sure the camera is seeing the leading edge of the board and not too close to the rails. It should calculate the pre-stop position correctly. I assume you have thoroughly checked the sensor. Also check the air pressure to the VX forcer. I like 68 PSI. Are you shure everything is configured correctly under the options in DOS?

If you've checked everything and it still acts crazy, do what I do. New software. I don't like 7.1 anyway. I've had a few problems on different machines with that version. 7.2C is very good.

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MPM AP25Hie Pre Board Stop error | 4 August, 2007

I found the problem... the vx cable trunking was the wrong radius, so when the axis was moving at slower speeds to read pre stop position, the axis was not reading the platen correctly due to extra downward force.. Ive now replaced the trunking and works perfectly.

Thanks for your comments

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