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Mydata TP9-2 Help

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Mydata TP9-2 Help | 28 July, 2007

We are new users to the Mydata product line. We are getting the following error

F-Axis-23: X Transducer CH 1 ptp value too low.

Has anyone had this error and lend some assistance?

Thanks in advance.

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Mydata TP9-2 Help | 6 August, 2007

This message indicates that the Peak to Peak voltage for the x axis motor encoder is too low. Possible cable/encoder or MOT1 board problem. Machine will either exhibit this during intialization or while running. Diagnostics in service routine may help determine error.

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Mydata TP9-2 Help | 7 August, 2007

Thanks for the reply. We are just beginning to troubleshoot the machine. Thanks again.

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Mydata TP9 2 Help | 20 March, 2009

We are having the same error message (F-Axis-23: X-Axis transducer ch.1 PTP value too low) on our TP9-2U that you had in 2007 with your TP9 2. I am hoping your memory is excellent, you are still at this email address, and you were able to fix the machine in house. Would you share the solution or allow my technician to speak with the one in your organization who might be able to help? Thank you in advance for even considering assisting me. Sparrow

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