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Delamination on IS410 laminate

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Delamination on IS410 laminate | 31 July, 2007

I have seen a few threads about delamination issues on IS410 laminate in RoHS applications. I have recently been running into a rash of issues on 4 different part numbers with a single PWB source. All the parts have been built fine in the past with no issues - there were no changes to process or mterials but we are now finding problems. Isola is giving us a major push about moisture in the boards but we don't bake anything in one of our facilities and have had no issues - the facility with the problems have been baking everything for 2 hours at 125 degrees. I saw many people changed sources or laminates or both but I was wondering if any definitive reasons have been found by anyone. The only definite similarity so far is the IS410 laminate with a resin to glass failure in the prepreg which happened to all be 7628 prepreg. I have changed a couple of the parts to 370HR and they seem to be working but I would like to have a better understanding of the problem if I can.

Any help is appreciated.

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Delamination on IS410 laminate | 1 August, 2007

We had the same trouble. We baked our boards out but the delamination continued very random. One board would be fine and the next was a nasty explosion of delam. Switched material - no problems since. I never found out the technical reason behind it but I'm quite sure moisture had nothing to do with it.

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Delamination on IS410 laminate | 2 August, 2007

Maybe much more detailed than you have available but do you know the exact prepreg number you were using in the failed units? That is one of the only similarities I have been able to isolate on my parts - I am curious if it may be the same.

Thanks, Greg

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Delamination on IS410 laminate | 2 August, 2007

I'm not sure what it was. It would be tough information to get as it's an old issue and sore spot with our supplier. I'm not even sure if we use them anymore for these boards.

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