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Wire prep

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Wire prep | 27 August, 2007

I know this is a little outside of SMT production, but, I'm hoping someone out there can help me with a small issue.

I have a product that I'm building that requires 4 .250" wires, with .125" strip on each end. I solder one end to the board, and one end to a header.

Anyone know where I can get .25 wire stripped .125 on each end? My normal wire supplier can't strip wire that small. Hand stripping in house is time consuming, as well as physically difficult.

Absent any leads on where to get the wire pre-stripped, any one have any ideas of a creative way to accomplish this en masse? Our current best idea is to buy 1" wires with .25" strips, score the insulation in the middle, and slide it up the wire, then cut the wire in the middle. This is functional, but not terribly elegant, and takes nearly as much time as hand stripping the .25" wires.

Thanks for any info! ..rob

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Wire prep | 27 August, 2007

I must be missing something? If you strip 1/8" off both ends of a 1/4" long wire you would have nothing left? Anyway I would use buss wire and if needed slide a bit of tubing over it bill

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Wire prep | 28 August, 2007

Sorry...make that .750 long wires, with .125 strips.

My mechanical mind was working, but the fingers couldn't translate correctly.

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Wire prep | 28 August, 2007

I don't have any affiliation with these guys but they or someone similar might be the answer.

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Wire prep | 31 August, 2007

With this length, I would use solid bare wire, solder one end, sleeve with approved shrink tube, solder the other end and shrink the tubing. You could even leave the shrink tube off if you had design clearance. Then you can just trim off the ends on the solder side to your lead length trim spec.

You could also leave the wires bare and then glop RTV over the parallel wires to keep them from moving.

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