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Mydata Linescan upgrade

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Mydata Linescan upgrade | 30 August, 2007

Hello all

Has anyone ever upgraded their machine from the Hydra camera to the linescan camera? I was wondering what your cost was. I recently requested a quote and almost fell out of my chair when I recieved it.

Thank Ron

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Mydata Linescan upgrade | 12 September, 2007

No one has ever had this done?

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Mydata Linescan upgrade | 12 September, 2007

Never did the Linescan upgrade.

Incidentally I recently needed to rebuild a vacuum pump. Pump rebuild kit consist of a coupling a couple rubber mounts and the membranes.

Cost 495.00

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Mydata Linescan upgrade | 13 September, 2007

Yeah Sr., MyData is definately proud of their parts which shows in their pricing.

We use outsourced parts where ever available.

Belts for Ywagon tables, conveyor drive belts, ect.... We finally got a break on the tooling though! Finally found a way to get Midas tools rebuilt and that work GREAT!

You know him (Fred), and man do they work good....we have 1,407,901 placements with the same tools and tips and no excessive fallout, or wasted parts. The re-builds work fantastic!


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Mydata Linescan upgrade | 17 September, 2007

Hi Ron, I just replaced our hydra with linescan, the cost was 30k plus lodging and travel. Unfortunatly it is the price of doing business.

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