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Urethane/Acrylic thru same machine

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Urethane/Acrylic thru same machine | 6 September, 2007

My company recently aquired an asymtek coating machine and I have been using Humiseal 1B31, an acrylic coating, in it to coat all the boards given to me. They have now come to me and asked if it is possible to run Humiseal 1A33, a urethane coating, through the machine. Has anyone done this before? Is there anything special I need to do other that flush the old material out of the system and resetup my parameters for the new material? I know I can't run silicon products through the machine because the cross contamination problems will cause dewetting problems. Is there anything like that I need to worry about with acrylic and urethane? Thanks for your help

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Urethane/Acrylic thru same machine | 17 September, 2007

Ken contacted Asymtek. They stated that urethane and acrylic can be used in the same machine provided that he thoroughly flush the system with solvent.

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