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GSM Calibration Error code 6

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GSM Calibration Error code 6 | 19 September, 2007

Can anybody tell me what an error code 6 means after a GSM Calibration.

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GSM Calibration Error code 6 | 22 September, 2007

I am sorry my friend, but I can't recall that specific error number. But it would help if you explain a little bit more about your problem. Remember that an error code Do Not necessary points to a direct root-cause of a problem.

First of all we need some background information: For ex. 1). What type of GSM (GSM1 or GSM2)? 2). Which UPS S/W ver.? 3). One or 2 Heads if it is a GSM1? 4). Which type of board handling system? (This is not critical at this point.) 5). Which type of calibration plate are you using (there are at least three different ones, just tell the size of it in X-Y and where the pockets are located for the calibration parts. For ex. upper left in a column or in the middle left in a row. 6). What type of Head/Heads; Flex Head, Flex Jet, C4-Head, etc. 7.) What type of P2P camera configuration (2.6 mil/pix, 4.0 mil/pix, 1.0 mil/pix, etc)? 8.) Depending of the camera resolution, you will use the right calibration "part" and it must be turned over correctly. 9). Try to be as accurate as possible to explain; what exactly the machine was doing prior to the calibration error. I assuming that you are using the 360F calibration nozzles, or depending on what vision system you have; the right calibration part/parts.

This will help a lot for us here in the forum to help you out. I hope not that you think I am so called "besserwisser" of some kind. I am just trying to help you out here:)

I have been around a lots of different calibration errors and frankly, very few of the error messages give me more than a hint of where to look for the real problem... Sometimes it have been so easy as just to turn up the calibration light from 4 to 5 in the system set up.

What the system does after calibration is, calculation a lot of parameters in a complex way according to the vision algorithm. And if one of the number is out of range, there will be an error. Also make sure the you have wiped off the calibration part with some alchol. Sincerly, Mika

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GSM Calibration Error code 6 | 22 September, 2007

Another thing to make sure of and the vision calibration system will fail if this is out of range: Use a magnet foot stand micrometer and measure the spindle run outs. First remove the nozzles and nozzle adapters, then put the adjustable tip (I dont know the english word for it, maybe some other nice fellow can fill me in) to the lowest end of each spindle and manually turn it 360 degrees. If it reads more than 0.1mm the calibration might have some trouble to compensate for that. In such case, replace the spindle. Since it will indicate that the spindle is somewhat bend, which could easily happen during mis-feeder exchange during oparation... /Mika Ps. I am just curious of the original decision to make the calibration, was it because of a mechanical crash? Ds.

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