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DOE Software

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DOE Software | 27 September, 2007

Does anyone have experience with DOE software? I see quite a number of them in the market like MiniTab, STATISTICA, Stat-Ease, etc... Which one would you recommend for Manufacturing process improvement study? Thanks for your feedback.

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DOE Software | 28 September, 2007

Good afternoon,

MiniTab gets my vote.

BR, Pavel

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DOE Software | 28 September, 2007

DOE Pro. It's a straightforward Excel addin. It's inexpensive and easy to use. John S.

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DOE Software | 29 September, 2007

For people with a statistics background, using Minitab, SAS, Statgraphics, or Statistica is easy. However, for many others it is not so easy.

Amoung, DOE software packages compatible with Microsoft Excel are: SPX XL [$250], DOE KISS [$150], DOE PRO XL [$250] and DFSS MASTER [$400] * DOE PRO XL - Design of Experiments with regression, prediction, and optimization from within Excel. DOE PRO can assist you in choosing the appropriate design in addition to predicting and optimizing for multiple responses. * DOE KISS - An excellent Design of Experiments package for those who do not need the power and flexibility of DOE PRO. Allows single response capability with multiple regression analysis and optimization, all from within Microsoft Excel. Primary differences between DOE KISS and DOE PRO are: ** DOE PRO can handle multiple responses (output variables) while DOE KISS can only handle one response. ** DOE PRO's residual analysis includes Studentized, R-Studentized, Leverage, and Cook's D while DOE KISS only computes simple residuals. ** DOE PRO includes a "Multiple Plot" feature. ** DOE PRO statistics include Lack of Fit computations. ** DOE PRO will compute aliasing patterns.

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