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BTU VIP 98 Problem

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BTU VIP 98 Problem | 1 October, 2007

Just bought a used VIP 98 and I have an alarm.

Computer don't communicate with the embedded controler of the oven. I've check the cabling, OK, and there's power on the controler. The PC is booting normally. The controler is plug in the serial port 2.

So, bad controler ? Bad configuration ? Any idea ?

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BTU VIP 98 Problem | 2 October, 2007

Hi there,

Does your computer has a product key (USB) by any chance? there are some units that requires a USB key.

alternatively you can check if the controller has been opened before (you can check if the sticker has been torn), or you can try switching another controller with another BTU VIP 98 unit.

Hope it helps :)

Regards Brendan

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BTU VIP 98 Problem | 2 October, 2007

I once had a similar problem on a VIP98. The problem was with the FCU (furnace control unit). There was a burned IC on the lower left of the card. I don't remember what kind of part it was, only that it was very common and I got a new one from DigiKey for like $5.00.

Try the other com port and inspect the 9-pin connector and cable. Make sure the card is getting power. Check all fuses and breakers.

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BTU VIP 98 Problem | 2 October, 2007

Thanks for the help guys. I found that serial port 2 was bad on the computer. Not able to change it to com 1 in the config. Seems to be protected by a factory password. So I had to change the computer and reload the software. It's working now.

Thanks for your time.

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