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Specifications | 4 October, 2007

We recently purchased an IBL VPP-M600 vapour phase reflow oven. We currently only have partial documentation and need to know the requirements for the water cooling. ie flow rate, cooling power etc. We also need the spare parts listing and service manual. We have the operators manual and the wiring diagrams but that is all. If some one could help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Specifications | 10 October, 2007

Hi Ian, I am very well connected with the principles at IBL and can probably offer assistance with the documentation you need. The model # is an older generation, but we can supply the information you need. I had a demo of the new lines of IBL Vapour Phase systems this week at the SMTA show in Orlando. Very impressive.

Regards, Dan

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Specifications | 15 October, 2007

Thank you for your reply. We are mainly interested in what are the cooling requirements in kW of cooling power and the required flow rate. We purchased an electronic version of the operators manual from IBL however the manual makes reference to sections which are not present. ie. Specifications, servicing etc. If you could help with these it would be fantastic.

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Specifications | 16 October, 2007

Ian, Please feel free to contact me directly at to receive the information you requested. Regards, Dan

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