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Oven settings

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Oven settings | 8 October, 2007

We have recently acquired a Passaat SMRO-0406 oven. The manual is uninformative for oven settings. Can someone supply us with starting points for conveyor speed, Zone 1 to 4 and 5 to 8 temperature settings please?

Our boards for a product we manufacture are:

8" by 8", FR-4, 1-oz copper, HAL tin 4-layer, inner layers are ground and power distribution planes. densely packed, SOIC, 0805 and VQFP-44 components AIM WS-353 lead-free solder paste

Thank you very much.

Mariss Freimanis Geckodrive Inc.

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Oven settings | 9 October, 2007

As a starting point, follow the guidance of your paste supplier:

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Oven settings | 10 October, 2007

you could call DIMA and have them give you a starting recommendation OR get a fab and run it through with a thermocouple and adjust from there.

as a start try these.

220 180 180 300 top and bottom belt speed @.4

I do have one of these ovens and this is a real recipe your results may vary however.

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