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Conformal Coat masking

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Conformal Coat masking | 12 October, 2007

We've been using a series of relatively high durometer rubber molds to protect male headers from conformal coating here in our facility for quite a while now. They are black in color and are sold in strips that can be cut to desired lengths. Unfortunately, we have no idea where we purchased these items from due to the length of time that these have been around. Can someone give me some ideas where items of this type can be found? Thanks in advance.

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Conformal Coat masking | 15 October, 2007

Search the fine SMTnet Achives on => masking boot*

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Conformal Coat masking | 15 October, 2007

have you looked at any of the industrial supply companies? They sell rubber strips/sheets/tubes of about every makeup there is, I would bet they would have what you need.


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Conformal Coat masking | 16 October, 2007

This is the source where we have gotten this type of things

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Conformal Coat masking | 17 October, 2007

Dave, that's exactly what I've been looking for. Many thanks.

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