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RoHS Tool kits

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RoHS Tool kits | 14 November, 2007

I would like a nicely packaged set of assembly tools (green handles and pouch) for use with RoHS assemblies. I have Green mats, dedicated irons, but would like clearly identifiable tools to better segregate the process.

Can any of you provide a Manufacturer / Distributor of such a set of tool in the US? Ideally this would include tweezers, needlenose, flush cutters, screwdrivers of varied sizes, etc.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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RoHS Tool kits | 15 November, 2007

Dip the tool handles in a colored plastic coating material, like: * Plasti-Coat Plastisol Coating * Aervoe Polyshield Protective Coat

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RoHS Tool kits | 15 November, 2007

You can buy green fingernail polish and mark each handle with it. That may not look professional but it is much cheaper than buying an entire set of new tools.

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RoHS Tool kits | 21 November, 2007

We had some assemblers who were handy sewers, sew some pouches for us, for some extra cash on the side. One colour was chosen for a normal bench, a different colour for a leadfree bench kit. The pouches had lots of pockets. Then we populated it with tools and tips, etc. Changeover - person grabs empty regular colour bag, fills it with tools from bench. Puts pouch away. Cleans bench thoroughly according to procedure. Gets leadfree colour pouch with tools, and empties it onto the bench, places signage on bench that it is leadfree. Bench is now changed over to leadfree. Never have both pouches on the bench at the same time. Never have two sets of tools on the bench at same time - a recipe for a mix-up disaster. We used cloth because of low ESD concerns, and when empty, it takes up very little room.

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