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error 117:Overflow on CSM84

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error 117:Overflow on CSM84 | 1 December, 2007


I just ran into a crazy problem with my CSM84. I did a batch of one side of a board, then loaded the program to do the top side, and it stops with the head over the 3rd component's feeder, and reports error 117:overflow. The maintenance manual I have is for a PA1306/40, the machine I have is a 1306/20, without the III designation on the machine. (No vision, no Z, 3 heads.) This error is not in the manual for the PA1306/40 machines.

The part is an 0805 in 8mm tape feeder position #2. I am picking this up with head 1, which has no problem reaching that feeder. I thought maybe it had run out of memory or something, so I deleted a bunch of obsolete programs, and powered off and back on, still no change. I have re-run the program about 5 times, it always stops on the same part (3rd part on the board) and with the head at the same location. It doesn't attempt to pick up the part as far as I can tell, it arrives over the feeder and then stops. This feeder is set for auto-set (I note this is the first auto-set pick-up location in the program, but the feeder coordinats look OK.)

If anyone has the service manual that applies to the earlier machines without the III designation, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could look up this error and tell me what, exactly, has "overflow"ed. Not a very clear message. (I know what happens if you try to exceed the machine limits, like switch a component pick-up to a head that can't reach that feeder, that message is pretty clear.) I've had some other mis-matches with head types and feeders or the mech alignment station, and that calls an error during the "initializing" step, this one hits after it has already mounted 2 parts!

Thanks much for any advice,


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error 117:Overflow on CSM84 | 2 December, 2007

I finally figured it out - in my manual it shows as a "63:Overflow" and says it has run out of memory for management information. I finally realized they were talking about the MIS statistical data of feeders, heads and mounting programs. I cleared that out and the machine is back working. That sure was an obscure error message!



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error 117:Overflow on CSM84 | 3 December, 2007

Sometimes when I get one of those messages I wonder if we're not dealing with a Japanese/Dutch/English translation issue.

In the words of Willie Dixon, "It Don't Make Sense".

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error 117:Overflow on CSM84 | 3 December, 2007

Well, it mostly does. The explanation and how-to-fix fields of the error chart do contain some howlingly bad translations. But, the how to fix field said the management info needed to be cleared. Once I understood they meant the MIS statistical data, it made perfect sense. Whenever you use a particular feeder for the first time in a particular board program, it adds a new field in the MIS feeder data, so it keeps count of feeder errors on a board-by-board basis. And, it doesn't reserve a whole lot of memory for this data, so mine ran out when I had run about 8 board programs.

Still, the error chart is not very clear at all, and it IS almost certainly due, at least in part, to bad translation. It also didn't help that the error number was changed between revisions of the software, so I had to read the whole chart line by line to find the actual error. (I got to get the right manual for the exact model of my machine!)


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