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pump print stencil

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pump print stencil | 6 December, 2007


we use pump print stencil and have problem with cleaning.we clean the stencil handling, using zestron301, but in the holes stay adhesive.Take a test with ultrasonic cleaner but resalt is not good.

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pump print stencil | 6 December, 2007

With this small amount of background information on the situation, comments are: * If you let adhesive cure on your stencil, you should not be using Zestron 301. A hammer and chisel is more effective. * Assuming you are not letting the adhesive cure, is Zestron 301 recommended by your adhesive supplier? * Assuming Zestron 301 is a recommended cleaning agent, are you following the recommended practices for pump print stencils from Zestron, like:

* Search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous postings on the topic, like:

* Although more oriented towards paste cleaning, review IPC-7526 - Stencil and Misprinted Board Cleaning Handbook here:

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