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VIP98N settings

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VIP98N settings | 7 December, 2007


Could you guys verify my BTU VIP98N oven settings for lead free process. At the moment as my standard profile im using these settings

140 160 180 207 205 220 257

same temps for bottom and speed 50cm/min.

Has anyone got same oven and could tell me what settings they using? Also what you think about my settings.

Also im getting crystalized yellow flux residue on solder joints and around them. Is it profile related? Im using indium 5.1at no clean paste.



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VIP98N settings | 7 December, 2007

Try profiling your board. How can anyone say your profile is good without knowing the board size and specific parts on it.

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VIP98N settings | 7 December, 2007

i know but i would like to know roughly what temperatures people using

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VIP98N settings | 9 December, 2007

can anyone please tell me what setting are they using for they 7 zone ovens?


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VIP98N settings | 11 December, 2007


I am using a 7 zone Conceptronics oven and Indium 3.1 lead free clean paste. Our profile is as follows, 130 140 150 180 200 240 260 with a belt speed of 36 inches per minute. I dont know if that will help you out though...

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VIP98N settings | 13 December, 2007

First of all you need to profile your one is going to be able to tell you what setting to run without know the product and components. You are also going to want to check the paste spec. against you temp. ramp/rise rates. Just guessing you are not meeting them if you have not profiled your board. I would say the yellow residue is from that.

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VIP98N settings | 14 December, 2007

Hi Marcin,

I have run a lead free profile on a VIP98 with Indium 5.1AT paste using the following settings:-

120 150 190 190 210 260 270 75cm/min

Hope this helps.


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