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Juki 2060Light vs Samsung CP45 NEO

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Juki 2060Light vs Samsung CP45 NEO | 7 December, 2007

Hello , I would like to collect your valued opinions what is better for beggining . Samsung CP-45NEO Juki 2060 Light Feeder Positions (8 mm) 104 80 PCB Size (min - max) 50x30-460x400 mm 50x30-410x360 mm Placement Speed (IPC)14900 12500 cph Component Range 0201 up to 42x42 mm 0201 up to 75x75 mm Max Component height 15 mm 12mm Placement Accuracy (chip) 0.08mm 0.05 mm Placement Accuracy (QFP) 0.04 mm 0.03 mm Any comments regard vision system will be appreciate . Best regards , Teodor Vendov

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Juki 2060Light vs Samsung CP45 NEO | 10 December, 2007

Here are some questions you should be considering...

How many of each machine type are actually installed and being used in the market?

What is the local support in your area from each vendor? Where are their spare parts warehoused?

What is the warranty period? What is the on-site training period, and after hours support?

Go to each supplier with some sample boards and data and see what actual results they are getting for your boards.

Take some of your most complicated components and see how they handle them in front of your eyes.

Have them show you the basic programming and then you can see for yourself which you like.

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