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VIP 98 Alarm

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VIP 98 Alarm | 12 December, 2007

On a old VIP 98 oven. Since we reload the software, we have a problem with the board tracking system. Board is flagging the entrance pcell, we can see it on the graphic screen, but alarming all the time when at exit end. Alarm is "board droped in oven".

The strange thing about it is there is no exit pcell. If there's one, it's very well hiden.

Any idea ?

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VIP 98 Alarm | 13 December, 2007

There may not be an exit cell. Some go by timing. But double check your set-up. Make sure you didn't flag for an exit cell - not sure this is your problem. It also could be your timing. You can simply turn off the the dropped board warning option in the set-up as well.

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VIP 98 Alarm | 13 December, 2007

How can you turn off the alarm ? I checked in the menu but the only topic I've seen is asking for a "factory password" witch I dont have. I have the administrator password.

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CC to myself


VIP 98 Alarm | 17 December, 2007

in very rare occasion I had problems with BTU ovens, I contacted BTU directly and they were always helpful.

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