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DEK Horizon 265

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DEK Horizon 265 | 23 December, 2007

When I try to bootup the machine I am getting an error that reads Dumping physical memory and a bunch of numbers & letters on the screen. The machine runs windows NT. Has anyone else had a problem like this before.

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DEK Horizon 265 | 4 January, 2008

Try reloading the software ya jack leg.

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DEK Horizon 265 | 6 January, 2008


Try to upload the Windows NT in Safe Mode. Would look weird, but is fully functional. Then try to go the latest known workable configuration and load it. If this does not work try with the recovery disk that came with the machine. This will bring the machine to its original configuration.

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DEK Horizon 265 | 7 January, 2008

Thanks for all the help. The team on first shift reloaded the software and the machine is now running. Thanks once again.

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